Technology is one of the most complex, multifaceted and dynamic of industries. As a technology company leader pursuing growth, you must grapple with such issues as structural market change, rapid innovation, increasingly fast and agile competition, and ever-shorter product life cycles. To achieve growth and consistent profitability means sustaining competitive advantages and satisfying shareholder expectations in the face of increasing costs, new market demands and rapidly changing government regulations.

Our technology professionals will work closely with you, leveraging our unparalleled insight, industry understanding, and know-how to help you drive organizational as well as financial growth and achieve your business, financial and risk management goals. MP&CO. delivers the knowledge and skills you need to achieve long-term competitive advantages in todays — and tomorrows — global marketplace.

1.    Enterprise Applications

Our practice helps identifying and working with the large IT vendors to help you take advantage of new technologies and approaches before your competitors make the first move.

2.       Strategy and Operations

The service offered includes IT strategy formulation, IT project management, IT operations maintenance, supply chain transformation etc.

3.      Technology Integration

Our practice helps you bring focus to your toughest integration challenges across the technology lifecycle. From requirements to architecture, testing to deployment and beyond, we bring an integrated perspective.

4.      MP&Co. Analytics

With analytics – the practice of using data to drive business strategy and performance – you can more confidently make fact-based decisions.

Services Overview

Masood Pervaiz & Co. delivers a consistently high quality services and we are committed to a long term relationship as your trusted adviser.

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